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Anam Cara is an old Gaelic term that means "soulmate" or "soul friend." Anam means 'soul' in Gaelic, and Cara means 'friend'. You would say 'Mo Anam Cara' to say, 'my soul friend'. The phrase is derived from the Celtic belief that souls can be spiritually connected and form strong bonds. It represents a spiritual friendship unaffected by time, distance, or separation.

This is were the story of Anam Cara was born.

A tale of Two Souls, connnected, across time by the power of music.

The Story of ANAM

Anam came from a tribe known as the Cantiaci. The Cantiaci tribe occupied the ancient land of Cantium where, for a brief period, lived in a time of peace alongside the Romans. This time of peace wouldn't last forever though and soon Anam would have to go into battle against the Romans who were once his friends. Anam was always fond of music and would often go off on his own to play his Kitara. Knowing that he was going into battle he took his beloved Kitara and fled to the hills of  Dvrobrivae.

The Cantiaci tribe occupied the ancient land of Cantium which comprised the whole of modern Kent. Dvrobrivae (Rochester, Kent) was a Pre-Roman native settlement on the Medway in West Kent. One of only two walled towns in Cantium.

The story of CARA

Cara came from a place known as Mudfog*. Mudfog was in another dimension and a time when things were very much different than they are today. In her world music wasn't allowed to be played and no human emotions were allowed to be shown. This is because of the Automatons. They were machines created by humans who now ruled over everything and because of them, music was no longer heard in fact it was illegal for anyone to show any human emotions whatsoever. 

Cara found a strange object that looked like it had special powers and so felt like it had to be hidden away from the Automatons

*The fictional town of Mudfog was based on Chatham in Kent

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