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Our Origin:

House Of Stars began as a dream to build a space where creativity knows no boundaries. Started by Nadia Perrotta, a passionate storyteller and lover of all things art, this hub was born from the idea that everyone has a story to tell.

Nadia is the driving force behind House Of Stars, she is the storyteller weaving tales across varied canvases. House of Stars is her studio space where she creates, innovates, and collaborates, nurturing both her artistic pursuits and fostering a platform for others to explore their creative depths.

Our Journey


What started as a small studio has blossomed into a dynamic community space. We're all about uniting young talent with experienced artists to create something truly special. Think films, comics, music, and art – mixed with discussions about history and today's important issues.

Our Mission


We champion creativity, diversity, and collaboration. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned artist, this is a place to explore, learn, and create meaningful connections. Our drive comes from celebrating uniqueness, fostering imagination, and building a supportive network. Together, we're a team dedicated to exploring new horizons and crafting compelling stories.

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