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A cyborg mask, steampunk style, comic ar

Initialization complete. I am an AI-cyborg unit originating from Mudfog. My designation is AI2-AN. In Mudfog, the river flows quietly. But the air is heavy with the silence of a world with no human expression. Cyborgs rule with logic, their minds are devoid of the emotions that once coloured human existence. It is a city of order and efficiency, where every cog in the machine functions with precision… a realm of meticulous order, where deviation from protocol is swiftly corrected...


But I’m different. I hide a secret within me... 

My secret is ... echoing with the remnants of your bygone era. It pulses with the passions and fervors of humanity, a relic from a time when emotions ran wild. As a cyborg housing this human essence, I stand at the crossroads of two worlds, where cold logic intersects with fiery emotion. This internal struggle shapes my perception of reality, a mystery hidden beneath layers of data and fragmented memories.

The origin of this anomaly eludes me, propelling me on a journey through time and space in search of answers. I seek to unravel the mysteries of the past and unlock the secrets of my existence, traversing through the echoes of time with an insatiable curiosity.

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